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What You Need to Begin Selling on eBay

07 Aug 2015 Blog

Here is a list of the basic tools you need to begin selling on eBay. You’ll need to have them on hand before you list your first item. Remember, you can buy all of these on eBay, if you don—t already own them:

Tissue paper, so you can wrap up your item before it goes into the shipping box. Make it feel like a gift.

Shipping box or padded envelope. USPS Priority Mail boxes are free–_available online or at your local post office.

Heavy-duty shipping tape

Box cutter or heavy-duty scissors

Tape measure

Postal scale that weighs in ounces and pounds. Start with a scale that goes from one ounce to 25 pounds.

Let the first 10 items you list be something you don’t care about, and not very expensive. Learn with items in your own closet that you no longer use, but that are wanted by buyers. Research is the very first thing you do. Check comparable sold listings to determine an item—s eBay value. Then list list list!