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Third Annual eBay Radio Party & Conference: “the best one yet!”

02 Nov 2011 Blog

We heard the same gratifying accolade from our speakers–_our sponsors–_and you, our attendees at this year’s third annual eBay Radio Party & Conference: “It’s the best one yet!”

EBay Radio’s 8th anniversary was celebrated in true Las Vegas style as only eBayers can celebrate. The festivities commenced on Tuesday night with an informal meet ‘n’ greet the Flamingo’s lobby bar — no, scratch that, the festivities continued at the meet ‘n’greet.

The party really started Tuesday afternoon, when the OSI Rock Stars and other intrepid volunteers gathered in eBetsy’s posh suite for the annual Stuffing of the Goody Bags. This detail-oriented event invariably takes on a mysterious and marvelous life of its own wherein every goody bag ends up containing one of everything–_it’s very zen. However, this year we also had the logistical expertise of new Voicemarketing team member Donna Freher-Lyons to keep us on task and on track.

Donna had already proved herself indispensable in the planning stages of this year’s ERP–_but being dropped into a room that’s wall-to-wall with an ongoing reunion of eBay buddies chatting, hugging, and laughing while simultaneously going around in interlocking circles dropping goodies into goody bags has got to be a unique trial by fire! Special thanks to Debbie and Bill Wieder (thebookkiosk), who volunteered themselves as quality control inspectors and meticulously reviewed the contents of all 150 bags.


The meet ‘n’ greet was its usual happily chaotic carousal, with the best door prizes ever! Many, many thanks to JCharles (jessydup), Bev England (videotown), and all who contributed whose names escape me at the moment. If you’ll please remind me who you are, I’ll gladly add your names here; as you can see by the date of this post, I am blogging this year’s ERP considerably after the fact, so I’m a titch hazy on certain details.


Day one of the conference began at the crack of dawn (that’s 8:55 Las Vegas time) with the Presentation of the Mascot: a wooden flamingo named Virginia in honor of Flamingo founder Bugsy Siegel’s famously log-legged girl friend. Virginia was hand carved and painted in Bali; purchased on eBay and shipped to Cailfornia; then gently sedated for her trek across the desert to Sin City. Virginia was destined for more adventures before the party was over–_


Speed eBaying had everyone revved by the time Certified eBay Stores Designer Debbie Levitt took over the podium to reveal Mind-Blowing, Do-Them-Yourself Secret Weapons for Wildly Effective eBay Listings. A networking break and the first of two live eBay Radio broadcasts from the conference took us till lunchtime, when everyone scattered to meet up with the speaker or sponsor of their choice for a little face time.


After lunch, OSI Rock Stars visionaire Janelle Elms schooled us well in the art of Marketing Your eBay Store. Then came the undisputed hit of the day: the Kabbage Cash or Crash 500. It was a tough act to follow, but nationally acclaimed small -business attorney Cliff Ennico and Easy Auction Photography author Cindy Shebley proved themselves up to the challenge as they gave us Tax & Legal Answers for Your Business on eBay and taught us the tricks of Better Photography for Your Business on eBay respectively. As co-authors of The eBay Marketing Bible, they signed that and their other books during the intervening networking break.

Then tragedy struck: Virginia was mysteriously decapitated!