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Ask Griff & Lee – Show 464 – Segment 4

22 Jun 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

CB, Chicago IL (c.b.), shared her experience with receiving shipments. Annette, Avon OH (happy_girl_too), called in to say how much eBay has enriched her life as a home-based entrepreneur. Rich, Chicago IL (appealingsigns), had a comment regarding communication through My Messages.

Griff and Lee read current events from the eBay Radio Seller Events Calendar, located under Seller Resources in the eBay Radio archives. To submit your sellers group meetup or other event, go to; click on “Past Episodes” in the right-hand sidebar; then click on “Submit an Event” in the upper right-hand corner of any archives page.

Lee reminded listeners about registering for eBay OPEN 2017, July 25-28 at MGM Grand in in Las Vegas, at

eBay Radio – Show 672 – Segment 8 – Top Rated Seller Hour

07 Mar 2017 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Working from home without wrecking your home! Our guest is Shari Smith, known on eBay as gino4603. Shari was a Certified Business Consultant in eBay’s recently retired Education Specialists program.

eBay Radio Guests: March 7, 2017 – Show 672

07 Mar 2017 Blog

Our guests for eBay Radio Show #672 on March 7, 2017, are:

  • Audrey Tracy, Social Media Manager, eBay for Business, and eBay ID audreyjojojo: Profiting from the 2017 Spring Seller Update
  • Beverly A. England, Top Rated Seller samican2: Shipping Tips and Strategies from an Old Grandma
  • Barbara Weltman, Attorney, Author and Top 100 Small Business Influencer: What You Need to Know About Taxes in 2017
  • Judy Harper, Top Rated Seller judybsa: Making the Most of the Changes in the 2017 Seller Update
  • Shari Smith, eBay ID gino4603: Working from Home without Wrecking Your Home

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #140

07 Jul 2015 Uncategorized

Working from home has certain advantages, like being able to go to work in your jammies. And — in theory — you get to plan your own day. More or less. But as Diva Dawn told us at Camp Clutter B Gone (taking place all month long), “Working from home is also fraught with distractions and indecision. Friends and family think just because we’re at home that we have all sorts of free time and that we’re not really working.” Her suggestion, and it’s a good one: Set some designated “office hours” each day. Don’t answer your phone, check your email, or go on Facebook or Twitter or Pinterest. Instead, use this time for listing, paperwork or some other substantial task for your business. As Diva Dawn puts it, when you’re both the boss and the worker bee, sometimes the boss has to make rules for the worker bee!

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #132

12 May 2015 Uncategorized

John and I enjoy working from home, and we’ve been doing it now since 1996. We’ve had our ups and downs with the arrangement. I have lots of tips for you; here are my first 3. Maintain separate work space if possible. You each need your space, and it creates a more businesslike environment. Don’t bring your “other life” into the mix during work hours. If you are upset with your spouse or significant other because he forgot to take out the trash, leave it behind during the work day. Instead of getting info to your mate via “sneaker network”, why not use email, even if you’re in the same house. It’s less intrusive, and it gives you a record of stuff.

How to Take Care of Yourself While You’re Taking Care of Business

20 Aug 2013 Features

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #33

23 Apr 2013 Uncategorized

If you’re working from home, you’re a part of the biggest revolution in business history. has reported that a new home-based business is started every 12 seconds, and there are 38 million home-based businesses in the USA. That’s all good, but here are my favorite statistics from the report: 70% of home-based businesses succeed within 3 years versus 30% of regular businesses; 44% of home-based businesses are started for under $5,000; and 70% of Americans would prefer to be self employed. We are part of it all, and together we made $427 billion in 2012 alone. Congratulations, entrepreneurs!

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