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eBay Radio – Show 696 – Segment 2

12 Sep 2017 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

5 tips for successful selling during tough times! Our guest is Tim Chapman, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller mr.customerservice.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #179

10 May 2016 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

So many online entrepreneurs, especially the artsy ones, will say “I could never be in sales” or “I could never be a salesperson.” This is a success killer. They suffer from the droppings of an antiquated and much overused myth about selling: that you have to pitch and tap-dance to get a sale.

How undignified! The best salespeople in the world are those who build relationships. These people don’t have to pitch, or tap-dance, or otherwise do anything they find distasteful.

Now we know that the concept of building relationships in order to sell something works for online retailers as well. You build your brand and your personality through social media. They know you, and they’re more likely to buy from you. No tap dancing required!

Why You Need to Go from a Selling Mentality to a Merchandising Mindset

06 Nov 2013 Features

How Selling’s Gotten Easier with the Newly Updated eBay Mobile App

30 Jan 2013 Features

Why You Need Both Passion and Business Smarts to Succeed at Selling on Consignment

23 Feb 2011 Features

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