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Ask Griff & Lee – Show 452 – Segment 1

23 Mar 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

New listener Mary, Plymouth NH (cookies collectibles), asked how to get started as an eBay seller. David, Delray Beach FL (tenorsax47), is concerned about his on-time shipping metric and had his listing dished. First-time caller Dale, Orlando FL (jackrabbit-red), called to ask about eBay events in his area and was referred to the eBay Radio Seller Groups Directory.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 452 – Segment 2

23 Mar 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

First-time caller Dale, Orlando FL (jackrabbit-red), was held over from the previous segment with his question about eBay seller events.  Lorianne, San Jose CA (clbcollectables), won a $25 gift certificate for shipping supplies from Bubblefast ( for answering Lee’s eBay question.

Greg Ross-Smith (eBay Senior Product Marketing Manager, Delivery Experience) popped in to discuss eBay’s new Guaranteed Delivery program (

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 446 – Segment 1

09 Feb 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Griff and Lee welcomed a brand-new sellers group, the Hershey eBay Meetup in Hershey, PA, to the eBay Radio Seller Groups Directory. Lorianne, San Jose CA (clbcollectables), answered Lee’s trivia question and won a $25 gift certificate for shipping supplies from Bubblefast (  She also asked why eBay was limiting her daily My Messages quota.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 443 – Segment 4

19 Jan 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Bev, Chicago IL (videotown), called in with a suggestion for Ellen. Cindy, San Diego CA (pattycyn), answered Griff’s trivia question and won a $25 gift certificate for shipping supplies from Bubblefast ( She also had a shipping tip.

Griff and Lee read current events from the eBay Radio Seller Events Calendar, located under Seller Resources in the eBay Radio archives. To submit your sellers group meetup or other event, click on “Submit a Seller Event” in the upper right-hand corner of any archives page.

eBay Radio – Show 656 – Segment 2

27 Sep 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Why you should attend a seller meetup! Our guest is Debbie Wieder, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller thebookkiosk.

eBay Radio – Show 640 – Segment 4

24 May 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Should you start an eBay sellers meetup group? Our guest is Stephanie Inge, known on eBay as stephintexas; an Education Specialist Trained by eBay, founder of the first-ever sellers group, Dallas eBaybes & eMales; and author of the Meetup Organizer’s Step by Step Success Guide.

eBay Radio – Show 629 – Segment 8 – Top Rated Seller Hour

08 Mar 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

How to start a seller meetup group! Our guest is Louise Sanchez, known on eBay as Top Rated Seller herbscraftsgifts and organizer of both the Colorado Springs eBay & Ecommerce Online Sellers Group and the Albuquerque eBay & Online Sellers Meetup.

eBay Radio – Show 614 – Segment 8 – Top Rated Seller Hour

06 Oct 2015 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Meetups and Blabs – networking for eBay sellers! Our guest is Melissa Paz, known on eBay as lazybreezedeals.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 384 – Segment 1

23 Jul 2015 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Griff announced eBay’s 2-day We Are Twenty seller event, September 10-11 in San Jose, CA, celebrating eBay’s 20th anniversary; seating is limited, so for details and to register, go to ASAP. Lee welcomed a brand-new seller meetup group, the Cape Coral, Florida, eBay Etsy Amazon Online Sellers. Founded by Cheryl Schaaf, they have 18 members so far, and they’re having their second meetup on July 27th.
Debbie, Vacaville CA (thebookkiosk) called in from the road to say she’s going to the San Jose event; she urged everyone to join her. Patty, Miami FL (theshoppingmom2), called in to say that she’s going, too. She also shared a story about an unbelievable find at a Goodwill outlet.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #133

18 May 2015 Uncategorized

Lots of research is done on the isolation encountered by at-home business owners. Women in particular miss camaraderie with co-workers. Extroverts can suffer more than most from lack of people with whom to interact. You may feel you have no one with whome to share your problems. Even when you go to lunch with old work friends who talk about their boss, they can’t truly relate to your entrepreneurial challenges. So what to do? Join or start a local eBay sellers group. Go to ecommerce conferences (such as the eBay Radio Party & Conference) to meet and mingle with others in the same situation. Attend seminars and webinars to hear feedback from others who are in the same boat. Remember, online groups are great — but they don’t take the place of face-to-face interaction.

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