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Ask Griff & Lee – Show 443 – Segment 3

19 Jan 2017 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Karl, Bloomington MN (zkarlo), sent email explaining his earlier question about eBay-funded refunds. Kathy, Covington LA (kamrdm28-4), asked about the best way to relist a fixed price item that didn’t sell after 30 days. First-time caller Ellen, Tucson AZ (rainyaz), wondered how she could compare her business to that of her competitors.


Ask Griff & Lee – Show 439 – Segment 3

01 Dec 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

First-time caller Erin, Tallahassee FL (always411), had an unhappy buyer due to a washing machine mishap. CJ, San Clemente CA (xoxmas) asked how to offer a codeless coupon to a specific buyer. Peter, Minneapolis MN,  had a question about listing for 30 days vs Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC).

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 436 – Segment 2

03 Nov 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Barb, Silverton OR (greatnwfinds), called in for a listing dish. John, Southbridge MA (jophicollectibles), asked about the Global Shipping Program (GSP). Julie, Trenton MI (jlcrafts1), had a question about listing as Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC).

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 436 – Segment 3

03 Nov 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Julie, Trenton MI (jlcrafts1), had a question about listing durations. Lorianne, San Jose CA (clbcollectables), called in with the answer to Lee’s trivia question. John, Southbridge MA (jophicollectibles), also called about the trivia question. Ron, Birmingham AL (oilerman21), shared his experience with BULQ and asked for a listing dish.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 433 – Segment 2

13 Oct 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Doug Smith (Site Merchandiser, Electronics) from the eBay Deals team popped in to share what’s hot right now and into the holiday selling season. Ryan, Warren OH (ryansmisfittoys), asked about the best time to update his older Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 409 – Segment 3

18 Feb 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

From the chat board, seller mustoffelloffatruck, Port Murray NJ, asked for a listing dish. First-time caller Karin, Springfield OH (stainedglasskarin) ,asked howGood Til Cancelled (GTC) listings will be impacted by the February 29 deadline for adding Product Identifiers.  Don, El Doradoi Springs MO (theatricalhead2toe), asked for a re-dish of his first listing, which he had revised. He received a score of 5 tureens!

eBay Radio – Show 614 – Segment 6

06 Oct 2015 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Open phones, Contact Us email and more: Julie, Las Vegas NV (julies*jems), asked under what circumstances canceling a transaction earns a defect. Forest, Lakewood WA (hulkhauler1), had a challenge with bulk editing his listings plus another problem with which Griff promised to help him privately.

eBay Radio – Show 590 – Segment 2

24 Mar 2015 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Why and how to update your stale listings! Our guest is Cindy Sorley, known on eBay as Top-Rated Seller bubbacandance.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 367 – Segment 2

26 Feb 2015 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Cindy, San Diego CA (pattycyn), called to ask about inventory control on Good ‘Til Cancelled (GTC) listings and got caught up in the moral dilemma under discussion. Mesha, Des Moines NM (classysoles), called to offer her opinion and relate a story that often happens to her while thrifting. Debbie, Vacaville CA (thebookkiosk), weighed in on thrifting etiquette as well.

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 363 – Segment 1

29 Jan 2015 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Griff shared some impressive 2014 eBay statistics. Lee told listeners how to listen to the show while out and about as well as how to send in questions via the Contact Us button on the eBay Radio player. Becky, Alburquerque NM (teddysmom3), got a notice from eBay saying that some of her Good ‘Til Canceled (GTC) listings were not reviewed due to a “GTC policy violation”.
Edie, Santa Monica CA (dress_to_suit), asked when Collections would be made compatible with Microsoft Windows 8.1. Julia, Ofallon IL (varietyonabudget), asked for a listing dish of item number 231460582272. She was awarded a perfect score of 5 tureens! Theresa, Gilbert AZ (clubred97), asked how and when defect rates are calculated.

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