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Ask Griff & Lee – Show 430 – Segment 2

22 Sep 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Meshell Long from Doba ( called in with today’s dropshipping report. Griff and Lee discussed more details of the 2016 Fall Seller Update. Jay, Lowell MA (solitaryjay), asked about the Global Shipping Program (GSP).

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 430 – Segment 3

22 Sep 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Cindy, San Diego CA (pattycyn), had questions about the Global Shipping Program (GSP) as well as from the recent eBay for Business webinar about returns, refunds and replacements. Griff and Lee continued discussing the 2016 Fall Seller update. eBay Main Street is recruiting members for its Small Business Ambassador program (SBAN). Join eBay Main Street at, and let your voice be heard!

Ask Griff & Lee – Show 430 – Segment 4

22 Sep 2016 AskGriffandLee,Broadcasts

Griff received an answer to Cindy’s earlier question from the eBay for Business webinar. Lee took Griff to eBay’s dedicated Halloween microsite ( via the “Scary Good Shop now” spider and spider web link at the top of most pages.

Griff and Lee read current events from the eBay Radio Seller Events Calendar, located under Seller Resources in the eBay Radio archives. To submit your sellers group meetup or other event, click on “Submit a Seller Event” in the upper right-hand corner of any archives page.

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 1

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Griff is on sabbatical this month, so Lee Mirabal gave a brief overview of today’s 2016 Fall Seller Update show. She also introduced Carolyn “CJ” Jacinto (formerly an instructor and Certified Business Consultant in eBay’s recently retired Education Specialists program; known on eBay as Top Rated Seller xoxmas) and Social Media Manager Audrey Tracy, hosting from Griff’s studio at eBay headquarters in San Jose. Our guest is Brian Burke, Director, Voice of the Seller, who walked us through the new initiatives included in this Fall Seller Update.

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 2

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Good news for Below Standard Sellers! Our guests are Linda Cornelison, Senior Manager, Global Seller Trust, and Steven Calder, Manager, Seller Trust. They stayed on to answer questions about changes to Seller Performance standards in the 2016 Fall Seller Update. http://www.ebay/com/sellerupdate  

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 3

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Shipping and returns! Our guests are Lauren Yee, Manager for Returns Experience, and Anil Nair, Senior Manager for Shipping. They stayed on to answer questions about the new initiatives contained in the 2016 Fall Seller Update ( Tony, CA (perpetualpieces), has a challenge with frequent returns of untested items. Ken, Phoenix AZ (gardenermall) had a question about local pickup.

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 4

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Structured data and the 2016 Fall Seller Update! Our guest is Chris Von Wagoner, Senior Manager, B2C Seller Experience. He stayed on to take questions about the new structured data initiatives in the 2016 Fall Seller Update( Trish, Atlanta GA (birdhouse-in-my-soul), asked about product identifiers for her vintage children’s books. Jason, Las Vegas NV (tikipugmusic), wishes he had done more sooner with structured data in his listings.

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 5

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Seller tools and the Seller Hub! Our guests are John Valente, Director of Product, Seller Hub, and Parth Sethi, Senior Product Manager, from the B2C Seller Experience team. They stayed on to take questions about changes to seller tools in the 2016 Fall Seller Update ( Lee’s guest co-host, Carolyn “CJ” Jacinto (xoxmas), asked if traffic reports in the Seller Hub would be customizable. Louise, Colorado Springs CO (herbscraftsgifts), had a suggestion about listing recommendations and category changes plus a question about ePIDs (eBay Product Identifiers).

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 6

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Active content and the 2016 Fall Seller Update! Our guest is Nick Shah, Manager, Product Management.

eBay Radio – Show 653 – Segment 7

30 Aug 2016 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Answering your questions about the 2016 Fall Seller Update! Our guest is Alan Aisbitt, eBay’s new Manager of Community.

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