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Lee’s List: Advice for the Entrepreneur #205

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

In 1985, I had to find office space to accommodate an FM radio station. In order to make it work, I had to find a building with a clear line of sight to my transmitter, which was miles away up on a big mountain. It wasn’t easy, but my two partners and I found a place.

It took lots of employees and a bunch of money to start that business. Now, here comes 2017, and brick-and-mortar seems so yesterday — in large part because eBay became a great platform that allows us to become international entrepreneurs. As an eBay seller, you simply turn on your computer or smartphone, and start listing.

But here’s the real deal: You’ve become successful through a lot more than a building or a staff. You found your entrepreneurial self. That comes from hard work, including making mistakes and learning from them. You listen to experts who have been successful, and you’re building your own empire. Congratulations!