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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #96

05 Aug 2014 Uncategorized

Tip #96: BlogHer is looking over the findings of its 6th annual Women and Social Media Study. The research found that many parents, especially women, suffer from “time starvation”: sacrificing their personal time to meet the intense demands on their work time. Most corporate workers do not have a moment’s peace from the demands of their companies — not in the evenings, not on the weekends, not even on vacation, if they can even take the time off. Experts who read the results say we should be focused on promoting entrepreneurship. Ariana Huffington, one of the women behind the research, says, “Only through self-employment can workers truly design and customize the type of lifestyle they want. The hours aren’t necessarily short, and it’s not true that you have no boss. You do have to keep customers happy. But having experienced life as a corporate parent and a self-employed one, I can tell you that there’s only one situation where you own your time — and it’s when you own the business.”