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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #88

10 Jun 2014 Uncategorized

Here are some tips for visiting a casino resort location. I am concentrating on Las Vegas for these tips; however, most other casino resort locations are pretty much the same. This is what I call my “eBay American Princess Vegas regimen”. Your contact lenses will feel uncomfortable in Vegas, so bring contact moisture solution to help your eyes adapt. Bring plenty of high-velocity moisturizer. Other than Monte Carlo and a few other upscale locales, the dress these days is casual. In the casino for gaming, jeans on up are acceptable. It is expected that you would be dressed “California casual” or “business casual” in the fancier restaurants, but most eateries in the hotels are jeans casual. You’ll be doing lots of walking, even in the hotel, so bring more than one pair of comfortable shoes. Food in Vegas can still be cheap, but you have to find the right places. Put “77 places to eat cheap in Vegas” into Google. If places offer free coupon books, take them. They have wonderful BoGo and other deals. Some casinos lure you with cheap food, thinking you will stay and gamble. Not bad eating if you can avoid the temptation to gamble. (You can still find $1 hot dogs and $1 shrimp cocktails downtown and off the strip.) I usually put at least 1 room-service breakfast in the budget, just because. Bring a light jacket or shawl with you. The hotels in Vegas want you to forget that you’re in the Mojave desert and pile on the AC. Keep hydrated: Drink plenty of water. And remember, “If it ain’t fun, you ain’t doin it!”