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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #83

06 May 2014 Uncategorized

If you feel yourself getting stale doing the same old tasks day after day, you are probably not shaking things up enough. I was a disc jockey for various radio stations. Tthe music changed, but the job didn’t. I did rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, country, easy listening, oldies and underground rock, but the job description was the same: “Sat in radio studio for 4 to 6 hours playing music by myself.” I knew after several years of this that I had to shake things up a bit, both to earn more and to alleviate the boredom. Your online business needs to be ever growing and changing. New marketing ideas, product lines, niches, etc., need to be sought out and implemented as a way of life. You should ALWAYS be looking for opportunities that allow you to up your game. Don’t wait until you cause your business to die of boredom.