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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #58

05 Nov 2013 Uncategorized

Self-promotion: Is it smart, or not? It’s smart, but it can teeter on the edge of obnoxious and even fall over the cliff into “OMG, here she comes again.” Let’s say you want to pick up some consignment clients; or perhaps you’ve written a book about selling on eBay and you want to promote it; or you want be an online educator. Tread lightly. You MUST self-promote (unless you have money to pay a PR firm), but you could have others leaving the room when you arrive in order to avoid your self-obsessed aura. Remember, it’s all about the customer. Your marketing ploys should be directed toward the ways you serve the customer. Instead of saying, “I’m a hot property; here’s what I can do…”, you should be saying, “Let me help YOU succeed with your online sales…”, then list the ways. Keep it customer focused, and you should be OK.