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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #54

08 Oct 2013 Uncategorized

You need to be able to tell folks what you do for a living in 20 seconds or less. What does it tell the person about you? This is not new information, just a reminder. The elevator pitch, the Hollywood producer approach; whatever you call it, if you can’t tell your story in 20 seconds or less, they bring in the hook. If you want someone to think of you as a hobbyist, you might say, “I shop at garage sales and sell the stuff on eBay.” If you want to sound like a businessperson, you could say, “I own an online store where I sell products worldwide.” Another good line is “I’m an online entrepreneur.” When I’m asked, I usually say, “I produce radio shows for corporations.” It’s short and sweet. It gets people interested, and they ask questions. That’s where you want to be after your elevator pitch. Being interviewed by a prospect or contact is the optimal outcome of networking.