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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #49

27 Aug 2013 Uncategorized

In Texas, they have a saying for someone who is a poseur: “all hat and no cattle”. If you want to sell on consignment or teach others to sell, you need credentials. Even if you have no plans for that anytime soon, you should be preparing. My tip for today is this: For those times when you want to present yourself as an expert eBay seller, don’t forget to include a list of seminars, workshops etc. you have attended. For example, the eBay Radio Party & Conference is a treasure trove of resume seminars. If you attended all 3 days, you have at least 15 seminars you can list. You should include each seminar you attended during your sellers group meetings, any eBay: On Location event, etc. These all help to give the picture that you are a professional online seller and should be trusted to keep up to date on the latest ecommerce stuff.