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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #37

21 May 2013 Uncategorized

Once again, an unspeakable tragedy happened yesterday, this time in Oklahoma. I tried to continue my business day, but I felt ill and had to drop out for a couple of hours to nap and regroup my thoughts, especially the thoughts of the children. After that, I wrote this tip. All of us need to survive, and most of us have others depending on us. That means bringing in money, and that means business as usual. So how do we reconcile our business pursuits when people are suffering? First, do whatever you are able to do: Give to the Red Cross or whatever organization can directly help those who were in the path of the storm. Ask if they need clothes, shoes, anything. Give, then get on with your life. It all starts at home and fulfills a larger vision. We small businesses help to keep commerce flowing in our country and the world in spite of opposing forces.