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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #328

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Anxiety-driven survival! John and I lost our jobs at a big radio network on the same day. Financially, we were blindsided. So after using our funds looking for work, we sold some gold coins we owned, gathering first and last months’ rent and deposit, and with shaking hands (and 3 microphones), we leased a tiny apartment on Hollywood Way in Burbank. We built our studio in the living room and then started cold-calling businesses to sell them audio messaging.

That era in our business life was born out of anxiety-driven survival. It’s part of the fight or flight thing, and not always bad — it has made many an entrepreneur get rolling — but it’s scary at the time, and not so great for your health. Successful entrepreneurs learn to consciously recognize when they need to direct their thoughts and resources to their business and block out thoughts of impending doom. Practice this the next time you want to throw up your hands in despair!

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