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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #27

12 Mar 2013 Uncategorized

Independence is a big part of why I enjoy having my own business. It’s nice to take off early Wednesday afternoon to go shopping or have an early dinner or park by the ocean with my husband. Having said this, independence comes with a caveat. It is easy to allow too many interruptions to rob your business of its growth and bottom line. Some interruptions are insidious because they involve tools of your trade, like phone calls and emails. Calls from family members and friends, too many email alerts coming in, or conversations with neighbors can harm the growth of your business. Set aside a block of time when you will not answer emails or phone calls. Use this time to do paperwork, filing, organizational work, research before listing, etc. It will help grow your business…and if you handle it right, your friends and relatives will still love you.