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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #264

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Some entrepreneurs are happy with a small to moderate cash flow. But if you want to be growth oriented, you need to know this secret: For today’s entrepreneurs, business growth is a result of constant challenge.

When your cash flow is satisfactory, and you know all of your systems oh so well, and you could practically run your business from a hammock? Well, it’s easy to stay there. I know this from experience.

To grow, you need to challenge yourself. Hire a helper; try new products; play around with new software trials; look at different pricing strategies; expand your industry reading; up-level your social media game; follow a new expert or join a seller group; and more.

A growth-oriented entrepreneur is always on the lookout for the right products and the right tools, not only to stay current, but to find things that will allow growth. Now go forth, and grow!