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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #262

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Don’t be afraid of the old axiom “Fake it till you make it.” Many powerful people you know weren’t always that way. They strengthened their power quotient by pretending to be confident, and they headed right into the very projects from which others shied away.

People shy away from opportunities because they think they don’t know enough, or because they’re afraid of a bad outcome. From applying for a loan for our business to negotiating with a customer or supplier, we should use our best acting skills to portray a strong and confident person, even if we feel like Jello inside.

“But Lee,” you say, “that’s not being who I am.” Confidence is not automatic in our growth process. We become more confident by having good outcomes. If you’re holding yourself back by not going for the truly important outcomes because you think you are not worthy, try going for them anyway. You’ll make those good outcomes happen.