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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #254

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

You’ve seen those movie or TV scenes where an executive has nothing on his or her desk other than their nameplate, a computer screen, one keepsake, and a pen. Follow suit.

Entrepreneurs get overwhelmed sometimes; it’s normal. However, you can make some changes, beginning with your desk. You should have only one project at a time on your desk. When you need to go on to the next project, put the present one away immediately.

Some companies are starting to purchase desks without drawers. That way your work is usually sitting on your desk, where it’s harder to ignore, so it’s usually handled the same day.

The first thing you can do is to remove everything from your desk. Start from scratch. On your desk should be nothing but your computer plus your task box, sometimes called your inbox; some pens and pencils in a holder; one memento; and a scratch pad, just in case. That’s it.

Try it. You’ll breathe more freely, and you’ll be more effective.