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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #253

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Dieters know very well the “moment of choice” when you’re looking at a menu and choose to make the right choice rather than get the Bloomin’ Onion for the table. After making the Bloomin’ Onion mistake one too many times, I ordered the shrimp cocktail appetizer instead. Less calories, better protein. It felt really good. The scale liked it, too.

So what is happening during that moment of choice, and how can we apply it to our business? Use the bad CEO/good CEO example: When the bad CEO is whispering in your ear, “It’s only one little scratch; no one will even notice it”, the good CEO is saying, “Should I list it and call out the scratch, or donate it?”

Always opt for being the good CEO. It shows your character. It only takes a moment to decide to do the right thing. Start recognizing those moments. Order the shrimp cocktail.