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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #237

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Procrastinators have heard it all. We’re more creative; we’re not as creative. We can’t handle deadlines; we need deadlines. We make good business people; we don’t make good business people. So what’s up?

From my experience, my mistakes, and by observing friends, employees and outside contractors as well as online sellers, I would say the news is good: Procrastinators can succeed in life and business. I know people who MUST have a deadline — usually initiated by an outside factor, such as a boss — to keep them in line. As long as they’re happy, so be it.

However, procrastinators also can (and often do) convert. Some procrastinators become entrepreneurs and are motivated by an eBay sale or a new client. All entrepreneurial endeavors include deadlines as a natural aspect of doing business. Realize this home truth, and look for those moments that help propel your spirit into action. May your built-in deadlines be many!

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