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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #234

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

I always overpack for a trip, whether it’s business or personal travel. Last week I lugged a very heavy suitcase through airports along with my carry-on containing my laptop and makeup. No more!

I have consulted the travel experts, and they found two travel sins. The first sin is that I pack for emergencies, foreseeing the worst possible scenario, like bringing rain boots to Jacksonville, FL, in August and taking 4 extra pairs of shoes and 4 extra handbags for eBay Open in Vegas.

The solution: We should pack appropriately for the actual situation — you know, the usual needs for 5 nights in Jacksonville or Vegas. Stop considering the worst case, and pack for the reality of the destination.

Oh, and the second sin? My suitcase is too big, so I need to buy a smaller one. This I can handle. Bon Voyage!

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