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Advice for the Entrepreneur – Lee’s Tip #226

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Trusting your instincts has long been a precursor to success in business and in life. So what is it exactly? It’s the library you’ve been building your entire life! Remember the time you were taken in by a shady person, or that pallet of Beanie Babies you bought just as the fad ended?

Gut feelings don’t always work well for us when things are moving quickly. So the next time you have to make a decision, stop down for a moment, and consciously ask yourself two questions: First, “Do I feel good about this person or choice?”; second, “Am I listening to past lessons?”

Sometimes the answers to these two questions alone will make your decision for you, and you’ll save hours, weeks or even years of aggravation. Your gut feeling — trusting your instincts — it’s a pillar of success.

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