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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #210

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

My high school had great business courses, and I took them all — including a 6-week filing course. We learned simple filing as well as library rules, etc. The filing itself becomes easy with just a few rules of alphabetical order.

However, it is my experience that some people don’t get the simple strategy and reason for filing: You file so that you can find. Years ago, I asked my new assistant of 6 months for some important documents needed for a meeting. She said “Jeesh…that’s going to take me hours to find.” She went on to explain, “You never ask me for anything you give me to file, so I’ve just been stacking them up in the file room.”

As small business owners, we sometimes let this crucial part of our business stack up. Filing is for that moment when you need the document or file. You don’t need anxiety before an important meeting or project.

Here is the fix: Schedule your filing for one day a week…same time, same day. You will adore me for this advice and name your children after me. Remember: File it so you can find it.