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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #207

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Count your blessings, please. It’s been a wonderful 2016 in so many ways. You’ve made some sales; you’ve learned some new tricks; and you’ve probably even bought a few things for yourself on eBay. Forget any distractions to your spirit, and enjoy the holiday season. Seriously.

I’m having to overcome some challenges right now that are first world problems, if you get my drift — too silly to even mention. So I had to take a moment to remember to ignore the small stuff. Save your energy and talents for things that really need your attention. Put your store on vacation for a few days, and have some fun. Even if that means doing crossword puzzles in your jammies.

Happy Holidays to you from our team here at eBay Radio: Griff, Lee, eBetsy, Donna, Frank, John, Melissa, CJ, Burt and the gang over at iHeartMedia (Jorge, John and Matt).