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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #202

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

What America needs is a big dose of commerce! Right after 9/11, commerce slowed way down; we were stunned and aghast. It took awhile to get business as usual up and running again.

Now there’s the 2016 election. It may be tempting to stay glued to your TV or computer or smartphone so as not to miss a minute of post-election news. You may be feeling elated or depressed. You may feel secure or afraid. Any of these things can rob you of something over which you have control: your business.

Stick to your usual schedule of listing and shipping. Make your plan and set your goals for 2017, and add a goodly percentage to your bottom line for next year. If you feel anxiety because of what you hear or see on the news, take a break; have a cup of tea or your favorite mellow beverage, and relax. But let’s help ourselves and our families — and help America stay on its economic feet — by being the focused entrepreneurs we know we can be.