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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #20

22 Jan 2013 Uncategorized

An eBay seller told me, “I don’t involve my kids in my home business, because kids need to be kids as long as they can, and the realities of earning money should be hidden from them.” What a missed opportunity. I’m not suggesting we disobey child work laws; however, she is hiding some very valuable lessons from them. One is, of course, how to be an entrepreneur. Many eBay sellers have found that their young children are anxious to sell online when they see Mom or Dad doing it. Go back in history: From the early days of our country right up to the 1950s, children had a place in the family’s business. On farms, as soon as a child was old enough to carry a bucket, they learned to pump water and bring it into the house. When crops came in early, the entire family picked the vegetables to make it through the winter. The shoemaker’s son learned the business from his father, etc. What’s wrong with your child helping you pack and ship, or put a new product on your shelf? It helps them understand where their new electronic toy came from at the very least…and it can give them a lifetime of valuable work lessons.