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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #186

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

I’m Lee Mirabal, and I’m a news junkie. At various times in my radio career, I’ve been a street reporter, news anchor, feature reporter, political talk show host and news writer. I blame my obsession on that. To this day, I can’t go to sleep or wake up without looking at the news stations and checking my phone and email for news alerts.

Someday I will get a grip, but for now, I had to do something to keep myself dedicated to earning an income. Now I leave the television off from 9am to noon, and I don’t check my phone for current events. Radio helps to break the silence, and it doesn’t take away so much of my brain power.

I allow myself to check the news during my lunch break (I know, pathetic), then I turn it all off from 1:30pm until 5 or 6, when I finish my day. Lately there have been so many things that take our minds off our earning goals, terrible things that take us to the TV and away from attaining our dreams. If you see yourself in my miserable scenario above, join me in scheduling your media involvement before and after your work.