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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #185

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Setting up your calendar to efficiently use your time is key to your success. How much business time do you waste? Let’s say you waste 30 minutes per day being non-productive in some way. Do that 5 days a week, and you’ve wasted 2-½ hours per week. In 52 weeks — 1 year — you’ll have wasted 130 hours, which is more than 3 weeks and 10 hours of wasted time in your business life.

More than 3 weeks and 10 hours! Think about it. When I say wasted time, I don’t include lunch breaks (which we should take every day at the same time, if possible). I mean the time we spend procrastinating, watching TV, cleaning up the bedroom closet, arriving at your desk late, calling old friends, etc., instead of taking care of business.

It’s time to break those habits! Schedule your days in 15-minute increments, and see what happens. Include your personal time and your exercise time as well as your business time, because work-life balance figures into this as well. It may take a while to make this schedule a habit, but go for it. Your business AND your personal life will thank you.