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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #184

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

John and I are experiencing an emergency kitchen/dining/office supply cabinet remodel that required emptying each and every cabinet we have. It was jaw dropping — and an epiphany. From radio cables to telephone cords to 25 decks of cards to more than 200 sheets of music, our life unfolded before us and is now spread all over the dining room floor.

We are taking pictures to post in Diva Dawn’s Camp Clutter B Gone for added support, but here’s the tip. Pretend you are having an emergency remodel in any room in your home. Empty EVERYTHING from your cabinets and drawers onto a landing place, such as a long table. Categorize it all; then throw away, donate, sell on eBay and otherwise get rid of your unneeded belongings. You’ll breathe better for it.