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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #182

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

I know times have changed, but we have coddled our children for too long. Teenagers who have never earned one single penny doing work outside the home are graduating from high school this month.

Some families teach their kids the benefits of finding a job, keeping said job and generally being responsible citizens, and that’s good. We need workers, and I hope there will always be people who will do much-needed trade jobs and the like.

But online sellers have a unique opportunity to be role models for entrepreneurialism. When is a youngster old enough to start learning? I’d say 2 years old. That’s old enough to bring mom or dad the packing tape from the table, or take non-breakable stuff out of a box from Goodwill or Savers — whatever it takes.

Remember, back in the day, as soon as kids were strong enough to carry water from the well, they had a responsibility in the family. Teach your kids the joys and independence that come with being a business owner, and you will give them myriad alternatives.