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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #170

Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

In a slump, business owners are either wallowers, speed bumps or racecars. The wallower sinks into the abyss and spends time to “woe is me”, sometimes alone, or with a campaign on social media, along with an earful or two for their friends. The speed bump goes into a business coma, choosing to spend time “re-grouping”. They might watch TV, dabble In their hobbies, or nap till Tuesday.

Although some racecars might make a momentary pit stop at “woe is me”, and/or at speed bump in a bubblebath for 30 minutes, they get right back on the road, ramping up their systems and finding the zone when last they profited. I’m not judging — I’ve wallowed, and I’ve speed bumped, but just as a momentary one- or two-hour deal, because wallowing and speed bumping take you nowhere. Get your racecar self on!