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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #161

15 Dec 2015 Uncategorized

When you work in a sales department, you have to keep on pushing to meet new goals. Your sales manager might say, “OK, Lee, we’ll need you to bring in 15% more than last year.”

I have new goals every year. It works if you take action. You can raise your prices, bring in new clients or think up new marketing ideas for your present customers. Translated for online selling, if you want to look at a better bottom line (because as an online seller, you are your own sales manager), know your numbers as of the end of this year, then add 15% (or whatever) to it as your goal for next year. List more; source smarter; do your social media marketing; network with other sellers; and look at third-party tools. There are more ideas, and I’m sure you have some as well. Here’s to a very happy and successful 2016!