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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #153

13 Oct 2015 Uncategorized

As anyone who’s ever quit their day job to become an entrepreneur knows, leaving the safety net of working for someone else in favor of being your own boss is a big step into unknown territory. Even if you’ve made a gradual transition by starting out as a part-time entrepreneur, now you’re entirely on your own, sailing into as-yet-uncharted waters. Like the maps of old used to say at the limits of the known world, “Beyond be dragons.” To be successful as an entrepreneur, you’ve got to confront those dragons of the unknown…and in facing them, slay them. Only by confronting the unknown can you map new territory in your entrepreneurial journey. To do so requires conquering the dragons of fear, uncertainty and self-doubt. You may even find yourself second-guessing your decision to strike out on your own rather than staying safely (but boringly) employed by someone other than yourself. Stay the course. Like Columbus, you will discover a new world of strength and abilities within yourself as you face and overcome each challenge.