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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #15

04 Dec 2012 Uncategorized

Although as business owners, it is traditional to give gifts to our mail carriers for the holiday, we shouldn’t feel obligated if our budget doesn’t allow it. If we do decide to give, then what amount? I say take your cue from their bosses. FedEx and USPS do not allow cash gifts of any kind, including. cash, checks, gift cards, or any other form of currency. FedEx carriers can accept gifts (not cash) up to $25 in value…USPS, up to $20 in value…and UPS — well, their spokesperson says that carriers are supposed to respectfully decline a gift; however, if the customer insists, they may accept a “nominal gratuity”. All three carriers are allowed to accept gifts that have little intrinsic value, such as travel mugs, hand warmers, etc.