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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #142

21 Jul 2015 Uncategorized

I woke up yesterday to no electricity. My laptop had about two hours left on its battery. The utility company said power might be restored by afternoon. I need electricity in order to work. I have a Verizon JetPac that can keep me on the internet, but for only so long. So I can either (1) panic; (2) go sit in a coffee shop with free wi-fi and keep checking with the utility company; or (3) use my free room night at a local resort and order room service while using their electricity. Guess which one I chose? Right. However, had I not had the free room night, I would have chosen the coffee shop, because it was free, too. Do you have a Plan B if your power goes out? There may not be any coffee shops with free wi-fi in your area. If you have any stories like this — and would be willing to share your solutions — I would love to hear from you at [email protected]