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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #122

24 Feb 2015 Uncategorized

During Sunday night’s Academy Awards show, one of the winners ranted about how it’s time women were paid equal wages. Of course, I agree — but that is not today’s point. The point is this: Selling on eBay knows no gender. As online sellers, women and men are equal. For the most part, that is. Buy a product low, sell it high; list a lot; have tenacity in sourcing, marketing, and other aspects of business….these tasks are mostly gender moot. However, more women than men tell me they are “someday” getting a wholesale license, or “thinking” of buying lots, etc. You should do it already! What could happen? If you are afraid of what others will think, don’t tell anyone; just do it and see what happens. You could be the stealth entrepreneur and end up wowing them in the end!