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eBay Radio – Show 501 – Segment 3

05 Mar 2013 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Erez Yereslove, Director, Pricing & Monetization, and Alison Raphael, Senior Project Manager, Pricing & Promotions Pricing, stayed on to answer questions about free listing promotions in 2013. Chris Dawson of Tamebay (, eBay Radio’s international correspondent, called to tell us about a seller meetup in Birmingham, UK, on March 20. Go to to find out more. Linda, FL (moonraz), has not been included in the most recent promotions and wondered why. Sandy, Phoenix AZ (magpie trading), called to announce a meetup of the Phoenix Online Sellers Group next Tuesday, March 12. Go to to find out more. Sherry, FL (scrunchiesbysherry), called to ask why free listing promotions don’t include Good ‘Til Canceled listings.