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eBay Radio – Show 497 – Segment 3

05 Feb 2013 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Patty, Long Beach CA (whoohoodepot) called to tell us to be at Cirivello’s Restaurant and Sports Bar in Long Beach tomorrow night (Wednesday, February 6th, 2013). The meet up starts at 6pm. Griff is going to be the guest of honor, while Lee, as usual, will attend as chopped liver.
Jean-Charles, Minneapolis MN (jessydus), called to explain in response to a question on the chat board that Markdown Manager has not changed; however, the eBay interface has changed, so the marked-down icon is no longer visible in search results. JCharles is the developer of the popular KiOui apps. Randy, Columbus OH, buckeye-express called to tell us that he has products for his fellow sellers to source.
Griff told us to be sure we go to and sign up with eBay Main Street ( to let your voice be heard in the fight to prevent internet sales legislation from becoming the law of the land. To send an email to your congressional representatives expressing your opposition, go to the Action Center at eBay Main Street (