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Coming Up in June: eBay Radio 9th Anniversary Party & Conference in Las Vegas!

02 Feb 2012 Blog

We are negotiating with the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas on the Strip. Same place as last year. If you have never attended the eBay Radio Party & Conference…please know that great care is taken to see that you have a great time while you are learning to grow your successful business online.

Here’s how the eBay Radio Party & Conference came to be: EBay used to have a yearly convention called Ebay Live! They stopped having them after 2008. One day eBetsy called the show, shortly after it became known that there would be no more eBay Lives!, and we were commiserating about how we would miss seeing each other at eBay Live! that year…and we decided right there on the air that we would meet in Vegas with our husbands and just have fun. Well, the phones rang off the hook. People wanted to go with us. It was about the time we were celebrating our eBay Radio anniversary (June).

So eBetsy chipped in $1,500 and I chipped in my credit card, and we got an event room in Vegas and said “Well, if we are the only ones that show up…so be it…we will play guitars, sing…and have fun just the four of us.” Before you could blink an eye, we had sponsors and 145 attendees, including 14 eBay executives who held a Town Hall right during the event. EBay even filmed our attendees for their “I Am eBay” promotion. It was amazing.

Since then, we have had an eBay Radio Party & Conference each year in June. It’s small — usually about 150 people — and intimate, and it gets you up close and personal with leading eBay and ecommerce experts as well as your fellow sellers, so you’re learning from the very best. We make sure the hotel rooms are under $100. We have speakers all day for two days who address various aspects of running a successful business on eBay…and we party in between, celebrating the anniversary of eBay Radio. If you would like to learn more, sign up for “Lee’s List” by sending email with your email address, name, and eBay user ID to [email protected], and we will put you on the mailing list for eBay Radio Party & Conference updates. We’d love to see you there!