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eBay Radio – Show 397 – Segment 3

16 Sep 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Google Chrome was discussed, David, Independence, MO challenged by eBay free shipping issues. Jarrod Jodoin, Senior Product Manager for Shipping talked to Griff and Lee about uploading tracking or delivery confirmation information to eBay when you ship.”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 2

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

John Jantsch from stopped by to discuss ways for eBay sellers to market their listings.

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 3

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Chris Dawson, of, eBay Radio’s International Correspondant called in about PayPal’s Virtual Terminal and eBay’s new survey regarding a possible fulfillment center for eBay sellers. Kat called in to have Griff and Lee “”Dish her Listing.”” She received 5 Tureens for the listing.”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 4

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Mark Le Vine, CFO of Bubblefadt, a leading supplier of shipping supplies on eBay was the segment guest and gave us some tips for shipping products.”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 5

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Jeff Terrell, Director of Seller Engagement for eBay stopped by to give us an overview on the happenings at eBay’s On Location event in San Jose coming up on September 1st. although the event is sold out- they are starting a wait-list in case they expand capacity.”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 6

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Corrina from Santa Cruz called about listing candy bars on eBay because they don’t have an expiration date and about selling “”Simpson’s”” toys on eBay. Brandon Del Grosso from called in with his “”Doba Deals”” for today: an Electronic Bug Zapper for $7.44 cents and set of 4 LED flashlights for $5.39. Mark Gorlin from called in with some case studies of what some of the ways their first loans have been used by eBay sellers

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 7 – Powerseller Hour

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Henry Neff “”BuckCreekMarketing”” an OSI Rockstar and the author of “”How to Sell Books on eBay: The Bookseller’s Guide to Increased Sales and Profits”” chatted with Griff and Lee with tips for booksellers.”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 8 – Powerseller Hour

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Lisa Luree, eBay Hall of Fame member, winner of the 2005 eBay artists’ choice Award and founder of ACEO stopped by to bring us up to date about her art genre and how it sells so well on eBay. (trading card size original art).”

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 9 – Powerseller Hour

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

Danni in Reno called and was the winner of the duck quack contest. She used to have Mel Gibson’s toilet in her back yard. She is selling a camera item that made Griff’s pulse go crazy. It is item# 220654001416 and Griff says it’s worth a lot of money! She started the bidding at 9.99 cents. Mark in Huntington Beach called to ask about after-hour events going on during the two days.

eBay Radio – Show 396 – Segment 1

17 Aug 2010 Broadcasts,eBayRadio

“Lee Mirabal read the news including stories about Weeds, a diamond encrusted Elvis bobblehead, eBay’s new mobile app for and Snookie from Jersey Shore. eBay On Location event on September 1st is sold out.”

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