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Additional information from the 2012 eBay Radio Party & Conference survey:

20 Nov 2012 Blog

46% initially started selling on eBay as a hobby, becoming —accidental— entrepreneurs along the way. 67% are female, and 44% are in their 50s, with the remainder pretty evenly split between 40s and 60s. 23% have been selling on eBay for 6 — 9 years, 42% have been selling 10 or more years.

eBay Radio Guests: November 20, 2012 — Show 489

20 Nov 2012 Blog

— Jon Bach, Quality Engineering Director, Live Site Quality, eBay: Bug Hunting

— Hillary DePiano, eBay ID pricednostalgia, author of The Whine Seller Blog: Be Nice to Newbies at the Holidays

— Shari Smith, eBay ID gino4603, eBay Education Specialist, CEO, Listing for the Holidays

— Scott Henshaw, eBay ID nanettestore, eBay Education Specialist, and Trading Assistant: How to Effectively Use Post-Sale Communication (Even Negative) to Positively Engage with Buyers

— Joseph DeMarco, eBay ID hubcapjoes: Keeping Calm and eBaying On After Hurricane Sandy

eBay Radio Guests: November 13, 2012 — Show 488

13 Nov 2012 Blog

— Jordan Malik, Owner of What You Can Do to Help Victims of Hurricane Sandy

— JPrashanth Rao, Senior Manager of the eBay Shipping Team: eBay Fast —N Free

— Marsha Collier, Author of the For Dummies Series on eBay and Social Media Marketing: Must-Know Holiday Tips for Online Sellers

— Jennifer Binder, Top-Rated Seller antique-revisions and Owner, Antique ReVisions: Adapting Your Brick and Mortar Business to the World of Online Sales

— Barbara Weltman, President of Big Ideas for Small Business, Inc.: Year-end Tax Planning

eBay Radio Guests: November 6, 2012 — Show 487

06 Nov 2012 Blog

— Mark Mastandrea, Senior Director, Domestic and International Shipping, eBay: eBay’s New Global Shipping Program

— Jeff Terrell, Director of Community, eBay: Community News and Social Media Selling

— Jon Bach, Quality Engineering Director, Live Site Quality, eBay: Bug Hunting

— Bettina Geissler, Owner of eBaby and eBay Consignment Store: Online to Brick & Mortar

— Chris Taylor, Vice President of Marketing, Page Mage: New Smart Gallery

eBay Radio Survey

05 Nov 2012 Blog

The 2012 eBay Radio Party & Conference 6/20-21 in Las Vegas was an incredible success with 189 registrants, a 43% increase over 2011. We sent a survey to those attendees and thought you—d find these numbers interesting:

100% of our listeners are sellers on eBay and other online sites. For 58%, it is now a full-time business, with 35% having employees other than themselves.

Range of annual gross online sales:

$10,000 or less — 29%

$10,001 – $30,000 — 21%

$30,001 – $50,000 — 12%

$50,001 – $100,000 — 29%

$100,000 or more — 6%

eBay Radio Guests: October 30, 2012 – Show 486

30 Oct 2012 Blog

— Kelli Aitchison, Manager, Strategic Shipping, eBay: USPS Holiday Discounts

— Mark Le Vine, Bubblefast: Green Shipping Tips

— Natalie Sisson, the Suitcase Entrepreneur: How to Keep Your Business Up and Running While You’re Out and About

— Lisa Suttora, Founder/CEO, How to Use a Simple Video to Drive Hundreds of New Visitors to Your Holiday Listings

— Bryan Goodman, Senior Partner, Thrifting with the Boys: The eBay Feed

2012 eBay Radio Party & Conference Retrospective: June 20-21 at Flamingo La Vegas

29 Oct 2012 Blog

This year’s eBay Radio Party & Conference celebrating the 9th anniversary of eBay Radio was a huge success, and I do mean huge! Depite officially being capped at 150, attendance crept all the way up to 189 before the venue put the kibosh on any more changes to the catering order. Held at the Flamingo Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for the second year in a row, our theme was gangster glamour in homage to mob boss Bugsy Siegel, who built the Flamingo, and his girlfriend, Virginia Hill, for whose long showgirl legs the Flamingo was named.

An informal “mob hangout” the night before the event got the party started early as attendees greeted old friends and met new ones. John “ColderIce” Lawson pumped it up even higher, opening Wedneday’s festivities with the timely topic of optimizing for Mobile Commerce. Presentations by Lynn Dralle and Janelle Elms plus a live eBay Radio broadcast followed before we broke for a delicious free lunch courtesy of event sponsor American Express OPEN. Then Cindy Shebley taught us how to use the new eBay photo guidelines to increase our bottom line before Mike Michalowicz brought down the house with his inspiring Pumpkin Plan for your business on eBay.

Thrifting with the Boys kicked off day two in fine style before the Best eBay Outfits made their annual runway appearance. Debbie Levitt explained how to build your most compelling listing; Marsha Collier gave us some groundbreaking info on social ecommerce; and Griff taught us to know our numbers. At midday, we broke for networking lunches with speakers and sponsors. Networking breaks both days and the traditional poker run kept attendees buzzing and the sponsors mobbed.

Also enlivening day two were the return of our platinum sponsor’s Kabbage Cash or Crash 500 and a hilarious skit by eBay employees before they settled in for some serious Q&A regarding the Top-Rated Seller program, how eBay is protecting sellers, buyer abuse, and more. A second live broadcast went out over the airwaves, too. Especially popular both days with attendees as well as those listening at home were excellent tips from our live audience. Each tipper received a $25 Gift Certificate from our sponsor Bubblefast.

Many thanks to all those who helped make this year’s party and conference the best one yet: our beloved speakers, named above; our beloved sponsors, Kabbage (platinum), American Express Open, Terapeak,, Outright, Dymo-Endicia, eBay, Page Mage, and Bubblefast; and above all you, our beloved listener and attendee, without whom there would be no eBay Radio. We’re already looking forward to next June’s Vegas event, which will be the 5th annual eBay Radio Party & Conference celebrating the 10th anniversary of eBay Radio. Theme? Think 5 & 10!

eBay Radio and Griff’s Travels

29 Oct 2012 Blog

Griff is officially on vacation–_and I—m going to be holding down the fort pretty much while he is gone. This will mean that I will be hosting or co-hosting for 2 weeks in a row. On Tuesday, October 30th, I will be the host. Luckily for me, C. J. Jacinto will be my co-host for eBay Radio and for eBay Radio—s Top-Rated Seller Hour. She is a hoot in addition to being a very knowledgeable eBay seller, eBay Education Specialist, and Certified Business Consultant. She’s known on eBay as Top-Rated Seller xoxmas, and I—m delighted to have her with us.

For the following week: I will be the co-host. and Jeff Terrell will be hosting the show. (You meet the same people on your way down the ladder as you do on your way up, LOL). Jeff is eBay—s Head of Community, and he is a favorite with the eBay Radio Group.

Anyhooo–_please join us Tuesday, October 30th, 11am-2pm Pacific–_2-5pm Eastern. Speaking of Eastern, I know that our friends back East are having a tough time with the weather. We wish them a safe recovery from Hurricane Sandy.

eBay Radio Guests: October 23, 2012 – Show 485

22 Oct 2012 Blog

Christopher Matthew Spencer, eBay ID borntodeal and Global Development Executive for Kathy Ireland Worldwide: How to Use eBay Giving Works to Support a Cause That’s Precious to You

Hillary DePiano, Owner of eBay Store Priced Nostalgia and Author of The Whine Seller: Social Networking – On Personality, Professionalism, Politics, and Being Yourself

Bobbi Miller, Certified eBay Education Specialist, Top-Rated Seller seacoastbargain, and Founder, Seacoast eBay Sellers Group: How Group Thrifting can Help You Grow Your Business on eBay

Lynn Dralle, the Queen of Auctions: Branching Out into High-Margin Niches that You May Never Have Considered

Jordy Geller, eBay ID authentic_sneakers_powerseller and Owner of the ShoeZeum: My eBay Journey From $300 to a Million

eBay Radio Guests: October 16, 2012 – Show 484

15 Oct 2012 Blog

— Eran Pick, CEO, Solid Commerce: eBay Inventory-Management Software

— Jon Bach, Quality Engineering Director with eBay: The Bug Hunter

— Jim Cockrum, Founder of MySilentTeam: A Brilliant Customer Base or an Irrational Mob?

— Howard Aronesti, Top-Rated Seller jewelrychicago: New eBay Success

— Rich Siok, eBay Education Specialist and Top-Rated Seller appealingsigns: Learn the Best Way to Sell on eBay

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