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BRANDING YOUR EBAY STORE by Shana Champion in the eBay for Business blog, continued.

25 Apr 2015 Blog

Branding Can Save You a Lot of Money

Aside from the money you can save by improving your organic search results (#1, above), you can also save money when you turn first-time customers into repeat buyers (#2, above). How? Well, it costs up to 6 times more to acquire a new customer versus selling to an existing customer. So if you deliver on your store brand—s promise and delight buyers, they—ll return–_and hopefully bring friends.

Branding Can Give You License to Charge a Little More

When you deliver on your store brand—s promise–_whether that is something spelled out in your mission statement, implied through your branding efforts, or born out of prior experience purchasing from your store–_you can afford to charge a little more than the competition. You—ve already secured your customer—s trust–_and that—s worth a lot. But as always, be fair.

If your eBay Store has a professional, clean and cohesive look and feel–_your listings are concise and contain attractive imagery–_you respond promptly to customer inquiries–_ and your customers are happy with their transactions, then you—re well on your way.

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