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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #220

25 Apr 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Forget the paperless society. It’s not here yet, and chances are you have documents and receipts you need to file. The purpose of filing is to be able to retrieve said document at a moment’s notice. File at least once a week (hint: If you do it every day, it takes 3 minutes or less).

Have a dedicated in-box ONLY for paperwork that needs to be filed. Make yourself a nice cuppa — or a glassa — and file away. I turn on the TV to make it more interesting, then spread all of the filing on a table or desk, put it in order and file.

Seasonal Moments Guide (Downloadable PDF)

23 Apr 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Download your copy of this free guide to 2017’s seasonal retail moments on eBay:


Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #219

18 Apr 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Are you bored with your work? If so, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you haven’t found your passion. For most of you reading this, entrepreneurialism is your passion.

So why are you bored? One big reason: You may not be challenging yourself. One important way to get through this is to keep on learning. I like to mess with new software, so I try new tools for bookkeeping, listing or inventory management. They often come with a free trial period.

Learning also means reading the news to see what’s trending; attending events with other sellers; finding new places to thrift or source products; and generally paying attention to changes in your industry. Part of your boredom could be because you are doing the same thing, with the same tools, for years. Mix it up a bit, and your boredom will ease.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #217

04 Apr 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Social media may be robbing you of your profits. Seriously, how much time do you spend checking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.? You probably click on them without even thinking.

Try this: remove all social media links from your desktop, task bar and bookmarks toolbar. You’ve made it too easy for these sites to steal your time, which is money. The latest research shows we go to them almost subconsciously, just to see what’s going on. It’s your gateway drug, eating away at your bottom line.

Try checking social media only twice a day — for example, once at lunchtime and once during your afternoon break — and set an alarm. It’s easy to get sucked in.

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #216

28 Mar 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Entrepreneurs, by definition, are risk takers. You’ve taken risks with your time and money. Maybe you quit your day job to become a full-time online seller. That was an important milestone. Or you decided to rent storage space for your inventory.

Each and every day in the life of an entrepreneur means more risk taking. If you aren’t taking risks, you won’t grow your business to its fullest potential. Everyday risk-taking is fairly benign for online sellers. You can test business theories like using auction format versus fixed price, or try to increase sales by bundling complementary items.

You should be testing your processes all the time to see what works. You don’t have to throw a bunch of money at this; you already have the items and the processes. Go take risks, and grow!

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #215

21 Mar 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Tt’s true: The best careers are spent living one’s passion. What I wish for you is that you find entrepreneurialism to be your great passion. That means you can sell shoes or shingles, jewelry or jars, with the same gusto.

Newer online sellers haven’t yet reached the stage where entrepreneurialism becomes their passion. Many have an epiphany when a supplier of their “passion” dries up, and they need to switch to another product. Once you realize the spark in you that is entrepreneurialism, you can have a lifetime of independence.

Guaranteed Delivery

20 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Sign up here to receive more information and updates about eBay’s new Guaranteed Delivery, which will launch in Summer 2017:


Mobile-Friendliness Test

16 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Are your listings mobile friendly? Find out here:


Active Content – How to Replace It

16 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Best practices for replacing active content in your listings:


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