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Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #215

21 Mar 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Tt’s true: The best careers are spent living one’s passion. What I wish for you is that you find entrepreneurialism to be your great passion. That means you can sell shoes or shingles, jewelry or jars, with the same gusto.

Newer online sellers haven’t yet reached the stage where entrepreneurialism becomes their passion. Many have an epiphany when a supplier of their “passion” dries up, and they need to switch to another product. Once you realize the spark in you that is entrepreneurialism, you can have a lifetime of independence.

Guaranteed Delivery

20 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Sign up here to receive more information and updates about eBay’s new Guaranteed Delivery, which will launch in Summer 2017:


Mobile-Friendliness Test

16 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Are your listings mobile friendly? Find out here:


Active Content – How to Replace It

16 Mar 2017 Bookmarks,Seller Resources

Best practices for replacing active content in your listings:


Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #214

14 Mar 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

eBay OPEN 2017 has been announced. Think of it as a paperback mystery; we have some of the clues. So far we know it’s taking place July 25-27, somewhere in Las Vegas, and we know that the eBay Radio Party & Conference will once again be part of this event.

Here’s my tip: You already know enough to put eBay OPEN on your calendar; notify your family and co-workers; and book your airfare. Hotel, rates and registration should be announced soon. By the way, Ron (oilerman21) and his Ms. Agnes are planning to attend. That alone is a good reason to be there!

Advice for the Entrepreneur: Lee’s Tip #213

07 Mar 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

One eBay seller is asking on Facebook if she could put her political preference in her listing somewhere: e.g., “proud Democrat” or “proud Republican.” Why would you want to do this? Do you think it will change someone’s mind about their affiliation? Do you think it will bring you sales?

It’s not too long a limb to go out on here to say that right now, the nation is politically divided almost in half. Why would you want to turn away 50 percent of your potential customers? I say that other than showing the flag and/or some red, white and blue, you should refrain from mixing politics with your business on eBay.

Advice for the Entrepreneur – Lee’s Tip #212

14 Feb 2017 Lee's Tips,Seller Resources

Every now and then I have to remind myself of the 80/20 rule. We used it in radio sales to mean that 20% of the sales staff bring in 80% of the sales. For eBay sellers, it means that 20% of your efforts create 80% of your sales. So identify that 20%, write down a list of what comprises it and make these efforts your biggest priority.

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